Say “Thanks St. Jude!”

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Example of Thanks for Prayers Answered: “Thank you God for prayers answered through the intercession of your servant, St. Jude Thaddeus!”

— GV
Louisville, KY – USA


2,023 thoughts on “Say “Thanks St. Jude!””

  1. St Jude, I want to thank you for prayers answered. You have come to my aid on several occasions and you have not failed me. Thank you once again for coming to my aid.


  2. Thank you God for answering my prayers through St Jude. There is no other way these difficult, almost impossible prayers could have been answered if it wasn’t for you. I have a home again with all things needed to keep it up. My faith has been tested and still is and I don’t know what your plan is for me but I’m trying my hardest to keep going knowing you are in charge. Thank you my Heavenly Father and my St Jude. Please don’t ever leave me, my lord and savior as well as my St Jude. Please stay with me and hear my prayers for my daughter and husband too please.


  3. Oh Glorious apostle, St. Jude Thaddeus, I thank you for what you have done for me and my family. May God bless you. I am your faithful servant until I can thank you in Heaven and I praise God for all the blessings he has bestowed upon you.


  4. St. Jude, you have granted my family many blessings and miracles over the years. Thank you for the miracle revealed yesterday in changing a diagnosis on an unborn child from a life threatening condition to non-existing. We will be sure this child comes to know you and this miracle. Hopefully she and her twin sister will honor you for the rest of their lives.


  5. Thank you Father God, Thank you Lord Jesus, Thank you Holy Spirit for your faithfulness and answering my prayers. Thank you Mother Mary and Thank you Saint Jude for your intercession on my behalf. Praise God.


  6. St. Jude has been my patron Saint for over 40 years. He has never let me down. Just recently he answered my prayers again for a positive biopsy for me, my daughter getting a new & better job and successful removal of a cancerous tumor for my husband. Thank you St.Jude for always answering my prayers and keeping me and my family safe.


  7. Dear Father in heaven, thank You for all the graces and blessing I received from You through the intercessions of St.Jude. St. Jude Ithank you for your prayers for me, my children, my family and friends and for the world. My prayers have been heard and answered by the Lord.
    Thank you St. Jude.


  8. Heavenly Father, thank you for answering my prayer so that, after 18 months of unemployment and underemployment, I have an offer for a job that will allow me to meet my obligations, pay my debts, and support my children.

    St. Jude, thank you for interceding on my behalf.

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