2,925 thoughts on “Say “Thanks St. Jude!””

  1. Thank you Saint Jude for being with me and answering my prayer request of complete healing from covid. I’m forever grateful to you for easing my fears and for hearing and helping me along with our Lord and Savior. I will continue to honor you and continue devotion to you.


  2. Thank you St Jude and St Anthony. God and the saints have yet again helped our son to reach out. Try the St Jude prayer it helps and I’m not even catholic.


  3. Thank you St, Jude for always hearing my prayers and for interceding on my behalf. I’m forever grateful and will continue to honor you and encourage devotion to you. Amen


  4. Dear ST Jude, thank you for the quick help that i received from you. i was able to have a good heart to heart talk with my wife. we were able to sort out our issues with quarrels and i believe we are on the right track to healing and recovery. thank you and thankk god always


  5. “Thank you God for prayers answered through the intercession of your servant, St. Jude Thaddeus!” Thank you for blessing us with health & the means to meet our obligations.


  6. Thank You Saint Jude for your intercession and granting me the favor that I have asked you . Thank you so much for your continued love and support in answering my prayers.


  7. Thank you St. Jude for your intercession on my behalf to the Lord Our God for this prayer answered. My Uncle is now home and recovering from the Covid virus. I did the 9 day novena, and with just about every other day. I got an update that he was improving.
    I am ever grateful. St. Jude may the world know you and your story on how you came to be. Thank you Lord God Almighty for hearing my prayer through St. Jude.


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