3,208 thoughts on “Say “Thanks St. Jude!””

  1. Dear St. Jude,
    Your Divine ability to bring speedy help where help is most despaired of – once again you granted a miracle. Thank You so much for your help. You are my powerful patron Saint. I am humbled and grateful for your intercession. Love, L

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  2. thank you St. Jude for saving Everly’s life and bringing healing to her. Thank you for all the answers to my prayers even if it wasn’t what I was looking for but the answer was God’s will not mine.

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  3. Thank you, St Jude! for helping to remove the smoke from our building, please help to keep it away! Please continue to help us to remove the illegal business, and thank you for helping me with your powerful intercession—a just resolution has been reached with the rental car company!! Thank YOU!!

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  4. Thank you, St Jude for your powerful intercession in helping to resolve the smoke and illegal business issue we have been putting up with! Please continue to pray for us that these things remain far from us–I knew we could count on your powerful intercesion! Thank you!!

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  5. Thank you for helping that my grandson was born healthy and strong. Thank you for the doctors and nurses who put in care. And that through the grace of God and St Jude he is healthy and thriving.

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  6. Thank you God for prayers answered. Thank you St Jude for coming to my aid and answering my prayers. I will be ever mindful of this great favor and will always honor you as my special and powerful patron,

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