3,208 thoughts on “Say “Thanks St. Jude!””

  1. Thank you St. Jude for always listening to my prayers. Please intercede for my mom’s health improvement. I pray for resignation to God’s will, now and forever.

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  2. Thank you St Jude for answering my prayer. Allowing us peace of mind during my husband’s difficult time with his health has been a Blessing. Thank you!

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  3. Dear Most Holy Apostle Saint Jude,
    Thank you for the gift today. Two-fold gift. One a material item needed and asked for, and second the way it came about. That family relationship I hope is healed now so that I may heal. You made this happen in the most unforeseen, perfect timing way. I am humbled more and more.
    My Love to You
    LJ in ca

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  4. Thank you to St. Jude for answering prayers when a novena for healing my infant daughter from a rare vascular malformation in the tongue was prayed. At 9 months, it had grown to a walnut size and her tongue was too big for her mouth. After complicated and rare surgery, healing was perfect and she is now 19 years old and never had problems since.

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  5. Thank you St Jude Thaddeus for listening and answering my prayers for health, reconciliation, healing, and finding what was lost. I will continue to praise you and pray in your name

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  6. Dear Most Holy Apostle Saint Jude,
    Your answer to my prayer is amazing and I am reminded again and again that what “I think” is the logical answer, is too limited.
    The answer to this particular prayer did not appear (logically), to be a huge event, however in my heart, I knew it was problematic.
    The answer You Bestowed to this particular prayer made it clear to all, that it would not Become a huge event.
    What I learned again, is to pray to you no matter how insignificant the problem may seem to be and give ‘the problem completely to you’.
    Thank You Saint Jude for your omnipresent help and intercession with Jesus Christ. I am humbled. May I remain humble forever more, please.

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