2,158 thoughts on “Say “Thanks St. Jude!””

  1. Thank you St Jude for being by my side, as always, during my dark times of need. Only you can give me the comfort and clarity when times are desperate and I don’t know where to turn. You truly are a miracle worker. Thank you for prayers answered. My faith and love for you is eternal.


  2. Thank you St. Jude for answering my prayer and giving me the Job. I believe in your power and humbly thank you for this miracle. I am grateful for all the help you have given till this day. Praise The Lord !


  3. St. Jude you have never failed me when I was in desperation and humbly asked for your intercession to God for prayers answered. Thank you for hearing and answering my prayers to you in regard to my daughter and son in law. God Bless all who believe!


  4. St . Jude I will be forever grateful for your intercession on behalf of my daughter and her husband for prayers heard. Thank you,


  5. Thank you blessed St Jude for your intercession to our Lord for prayers heard & answered. I am truly ever grateful. Amen. Linda


  6. Thank you St. Jude for listening to my prayers. I will be humbled and grateful if my daughter receives an offer of employment for the position she interviewed for and I would be humbled and grateful if my son in law’s real estate career would pick up and he becomes busier with sales and listings. My faith in your intervention is strong and for that I feel blessed.


Say "Thanks Saint Jude" Here...

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